discontinued parts
machine restoration
Company Logo
Designed by Step-daughter.  Let
her design one for you.
Cruise Check
Quality, Hand Crafted unit.  Uses
OEM connectors.
HDR is a young company.  HDR is planning to
manufacture items that no one else will.  HDR can
design your part from scratch or duplicate a broken
part.  We can provide drawings for the part or build
your new part for you.  Broken parts will be
analyzed and strengthened appropriately to prevent
recurring failures.
Present Products
Presently, HDR has only the Cruise Check on the
market.  HDR is working on a replacement part for
the corner of a camping table.  
Product Ideas???
Immediate Future Products
HDR hopes to produce some Fiero parts for restoration.  We are working on a
version of the nylon "Window Stabilizer button" that installs in the window glass.  If
you ever replace the weatherstrip in your Fiero, you will need a pair of these per
HDR, Inc.   Heady Designs & Replications
Cruise control repair for GM electronic controllers
Need a part for that threshing machine restoration?
Favorite tool, such as a lawnmower,  that only needs an odd part and the
manufacturer will not answer your call or says part is out of production and
unavailable?  Any other item with sentimental value that you would like to repair?
These are the kinds of projects HDR is looking for.
HDR, Inc.  Heady Designs & Replications
cruise check hand crafted unit
GM electronic cruise control
This is the GM
electronic cruise control
Troy Bilt 1768429 actuating lever now available.  See 3D prints tab.

Also look at our line of "Headlight Helpers" to ease headlight bulb removal.