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HDR, Inc (Heady Designs and Replications) is dedicated to keeping solid older
technologies functioning.  If you have an idea for something or you have something
that broke and you cannot find a replacement part, let us give it a try.
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Mechanical Engineering degree with additional training in Electrical
Engineering.  Trained in and use of SolidWorks 3D modeling.  Reverse
Engineering of any part, including circuit boards.  Complete drawings of any
project available.  Confidentiality guaranteed.  Need a drawing for a patent
application?  I can keep a secret.
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GM Cruise Control Broke?
Diagnosis <10min
"Cruise Check" by HDR
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HDR, Inc  Heady Designs & Replications
Cruise Check was born out of necessity.  1990 C/K pickup with over 100,000 miles
had a non functioning cruise control.  Research was conducted on the cruise
control system.  A complicated test was found but required several hands working
together to complete the test.  After some additional thought and bread-boarding,
Cruise Check was born.  Truck now has over 190,000 miles and a functional
cruise control.  Chasing down the OEM connectors was probably the biggest

HDR now owns a small CNC mill for production of small parts.  Give us a try for
that special part or prototype.  HDR also has access to a variety of 3D printers